Lucky Duck Games has announced Into the Godsgrave, an app-driven, fantasy-themed cooperative board game.

Into the Godsgrave is set in a world where the cruel gods have been overthrown and slain, leaving the land damaged but the people free to chart their own destiny.  But followers of the “New Gods” have begun to appear, pursuing their own secret plots.

The players assume the role of mercenaries, hired for a job that will lead them to explore and interact with this fantasy world.  The abilities of each character are determined by combining classes like Infiltrator or Relictor and lineage options such as human, elf, or halfling.  These choices create the character’s unique deck, which combine with dice to drive their abilities in the game, and can be modified over the course of the game to reflect their growing abilities.

The game uses a companion app for phone or tablet which guides the adventure based on the options chosen by the party as a group.  The app controls the enemies the players will encounter and tracks their experiences, quests, and discoveries.

Click Gallery below to see some components from the game.

Into the Godsgrave was written by Polish designer/developer Grzegorz Szczepanski.  It is intended for 1 to 4 players, ages 16 and up, and takes 60 to 90 minutes ot play.  Details about the game’s release and MSRP have not been announced as of this writing.  Lucky Duck plans to raise funding for the production of Into the Godsgrave through a Kickstarer campaign that will launch later this month.

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Last month, the company launched the Global Publishing Network to facilitate localization and licensing of games between regions (see “Lucky Duck Establishes Global Publishing Network”).