Wizards of the Coast will release Magic: The Gathering Starter Kit 2023, an entry level product, into retail on September 8, 2023.

The new starter kit is aimed at helping two newcomers learn Magic: The Gathering and dive right into their first game.  It features a Play Guide booklet and two pre-built 60-card decks: Day of the Dragon (a Blue-Red deck) and Backup Beatdown (a Green-White deck). The decks come with 4 mythic rare cards (2 per deck), 12 rare cards (6 per deck), 2 traditional foil rare cards (1 per deck), 2 MTG Arena code cards (1 per deck, only available in select regions), 2 deck boxes (1 per deck), and 4 double-sided tokens (2 per deck).

For more information on future releases of Magic: The Gathering products, check out ICv2's 2023 calendar (see "'Magic: The Gathering' 2023 Release Calendar").