Fantasy Flight Games offered up a first look at some of the cards for their new Star Wars: Unlimited TCG.  This TCG is scheduled to arrive in 2024 (see "New 'Star Wars' TCG").

The first set of Star Wars: Unlimited, now officially named Spark of Rebellion, will have over 200 cards for players to collect.  Decks for this game will have a Leader, a Base, and cards that a player will draw to play.  The goal of the game is for players to destroy their opponent's base by engaging in battles on two different fronts: a ground arena and a space arena.  Units can only be used in one arena or the other, but Leaders affect Units in both arenas. Leaders are the centerpiece cards of decks that can also act as a unit when deployed.

FFG will also offer Organized Play for Star Wars: Unlimited. OP will be offered as Casual Play and Competitive Play. Casual Play will consist of events on the FLGS level, like prerelease events, weekly play, and Store Showdowns.  Competitive Play will be larger scale events, such as different regional qualifiers, that will eventually feed into a Galactic Championship for the game.