Fantasy Flight Games, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., announced Star Wars: Unlimited, a new trading card game, coming in 2024.

FFG has decided to attempt to take a slice of the proverbial "TCG market pie" by revealing Star Wars: Unlimited.  This strategic TCG has been in development for the past three years, and FFG looks to release three sets every year for this game.  The game will also feature a system of organized play that ranges from weekly events on the FLGS level to large-scale events.

Cards for this game will also showcase new Star Wars artwork, which is a departure from the previous Star Wars CCGs (see 'Wizards of the Coast Gets Star Wars CCG').  Fans and collectors can open packs in search of alternate art cards with special treatments and variant designs.

“Having the opportunity to commission new art for every card in this game ensures there will be an exciting and cohesive style throughout," said Brian Schomburg, Visual Creative Director for Fantasy Flight Games.  "We really thought about what the cards would look like on the table next to one another.”

A true, traditional TCG product is somewhat different from the LCG products that FFG has produced in the past.  The closest they've come to a true collectible product in recent history was Keyforge and Star Wars: Destiny, both of which didn't last long in the market (see "'KeyForge's' Sixth Set" and also, "'Star Wars: Destiny's' Fate is Sealed").  However, the TCG space remains strong (see "Hobby Games Channel Up 10% in 2022") and Star Wars is still a top tier license, so a Star Wars TCG see some traction in this market.