WizKids announced a new retailer preorder program, exclusive to brick and mortar retailers, for their upcoming HeroClix starter sets. The Marvel HeroClix Starter Set 2024 and the DC HeroClix Starter Set 2024 will release into retail on November 2023 (see "ICv2 Exclusive").

In an effort to help retailers get that first HeroClix figure into the hands of new players, WizKids is offering at "Bag of" promotion. Retailers can purchase these exclusive new promo figures in bulk (for around a dollar a figure) if they preorder at least a case of the different starter sets. If they order a case of the Marvel starter set, they will be able to purchase the Bag of Spider-Men, which includes eight figures each (16 total) of left- and right-pointing Spider-Man from the HeroClix Iconix: Spider-Man Double Identity set (see "'Marvel HeroClix Iconix: Spider-man Double Identity'"). These promos will come with new cards and abilities.

If retailer preorder the a case of the DC starter set, they will be able to get  will allowa purchase of the Bag of Starrophytes. This includes 12 copies of a new Starrophyte figure and its cards. Retailers can use these figures to incentivize in-store purchases or give them out to their HeroClix community members as they see fit.  

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