Wizards of the Coast will release Bigby Presents:  Glory of the Giants, a sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons, on August 15.

Bigby Presents:  Glory of the Giants provides information about all kinds of giants for use in the game, detailing their history, society, and religion.  The material is presented in the form of a travelogue memoir written by the characters Bigby the Great and Diancastra the demi-god.

In addition to the background material, the book also provides rules for giant-themed character subclasses, backgrounds and feats, giant magic, and new magic items and artifacts.  It also features tools for gamemasters including maps and adventure seeds for giant lairs and other sites and a bestiary with more than 70 giant-style adversaries.

An alternate cover image version will also be available.

Wizards of the Coast is also releasing a guidebook for dragons on August 15 (see “Wizards of the Coast Reveals ‘D&D:  The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons’”).  In the autumn, additional Dungeons & Dragons titles are planned (see “Wizards Presents ‘Phandelver’, ‘Planescape’ Plans” and “Wizards Deals ‘The Deck of Many Things’”).

WizKids is offering a companion set of miniatures based on the material in Glory of the Giants (see “Giants Headed for ‘Icons of the Realms’”).