Modiphius Entertainment will release BrikWars, a Lego-inspired mini-figure wargame, into retail in September 2023.

BrikWars is a turn-based miniatures wargame designed for use with plastic building bricks and other construction toys.  The new book provides players with the rules needed to assemble outlandish armies to engage in epic multi-genre minifig battles.  The Ragnablok Edition is revamped and edited and is an official retail version of this game.  This over 270-page full-color book includes new artwork from Mike Rayhawk, who was an illustrator for both Lego and Roblox.

It will retail for $50.44.

Modiphius also recently announced Power and Pawns: The Emperor's Court for Dune: Adventures in the Imperium (see "'Dune' RPG Sourcebook").

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