WizKids unleashed D&D 1E: Monster Series 2, a new wave of Dungeons & Dragons: 3-inch Vinyl Minis by Kidrobot, which will hit retail in February 2024.

This new wave of vinyl minis follows up on last year's D&D 1E: Monster Minis release (see "'Dungeons & Dragons 1E: Monster Mini Series'").  The set includes more monsters from the rich lore of Dungeons & Dragons 1E, which include a Kobold, a Shrieker, a Water Elemental, aYeti, a Lich King, an Umber Hulk, an Owlbear, a Carrion Crawler, a Quasit, a Troll, an Otyugh, a Shambling Mound, and a Blue Dragon.  These blind-boxed figures come in displays of 24 and are net-priced.

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