Ares Games unveiled Fantasy World RPG Core Rulebook, a new roleplaying game, for release into retail in August 2023.

In this RPG, originally published by MS Edizioni who also released Knights of the Round: Academy RPG (see "'Knights of the Round: Academy RPG'"), players enter a dramatic fantasy setting where magic is real, the gods are silent, cities are rare, and travel is dangerous.  One of the players takes on the role of the actual fantasy world, itself, and the rest of the players assume the roles of classes such as Captain, Knight, Maker, Occultist, and others.  The game features a clear rules set that is customizable, and gameplay focuses on the consequences of the protagonists' actions, choices, and personal sacrifices.  The game runs on the Powered by the Apocalypse system to resolve in-game actions.

It will retail for $40.