Dave & Adam's Card World announced, via their Twitter account, that someone has pulled The One Ring 001/001 card from a Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond - Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Collector's Booster Pack.

This morning at 8:44 am, Dave & Adam's Card World published the following Tweet:

Breaking News

The hunt is over!  We can confirm that the 1/1 The One Ring has been pulled.

Stay tuned as details become available.

Should it be true, the ramifications will be epic.  Dave and Adam's offered a $1 million bounty for the card, which needed to be claimed by July 17, 2023 (see "The One Ring 001/001 Could Be 'Magic: The Gathering's' First Million Dollar Card").  The lucky fan that pulled the card from the pack could cash in on their offer or the Gremio de Dragones $2 million offer (see "The One Ring to Over $2 million").  Either way, this will likely be Magic's first $1 million card.

However, this is not the best news for retailers, as one of the main attractions of set is no longer available in Collector Boosters.  As noted in a previous column (see "The One Ring Retailer Chat"), when the One Ring 001/001 is found, the fan enthusiasm over the Collector Boosters, which are also included the Gift Bundle product, may diminish.