ICv2 took a good look at the new wave of D&D Frameworks miniatures that recently released into retail in June 2023 (see “Frameworks“).  The new wave of D&D Frameworks features significant improvements to the line over the first wave, adding more value to the packs.

The inaugural wave of D&D Frameworks miniatures arrived in 2022 (see “Frameworks Launches“).  Over the course of the year, the line experienced a lukewarm reception in FLGS, despite the initial momentum behind the launch. In 2023, WizKids went back to the drawing board and revamped several elements of the product line.

The first improvements WizKids have made to the line involves the packaging.  They've improved the images of the miniatures on the boxes as well as listed the number of miniatures enclosed on the front of the box.  The hang tab was integrated into the box, as opposed to the plastic hang tab that was on Wave 1 products, and the boxes now contains side images so the product can be displayed spine out.  WizKids also added an assembly skill rating to the back of the box.

The miniatures, themselves, were tailored even more towards the needs of the miniatures hobbyist.  One of the main issues with Wave 1 was that the sprues didn't contain enough build options for hobbyists, and customization of the miniature was limited.  The new sprues include more weapons, body parts, and terrain elements that give hobbyists an array of options to create dynamic poses for their models.  Most single miniature packs contain extra torsos, giving the miniatures more modeling flexibility.

Hobbyists at ICv2 assembled the Goliath Barbarian miniature to see what the new options were like (see gallery below).  The Goliath Barbarian featured only one torso, but the miniature came with loads of weapon options. ICv2's modelers were building the Goliath for a character in a D&D campaign that was a weapon's collector, so the extra weapons provided allowed the modeler to further customize the miniature to mirror the RPG character.

The next wave of D&D Frameworks is scheduled to hit in Fall 2023.  It features a Chimera, a Basilisk, a Male Human Sorcerer, a Female Elf Paladin, a Human Barbarian Female, a Pit Fiend, a Centaur, a Harpy, and a Zombies multi-pack.

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