Tabletop Tycoon placed Everdell: Farshore, a new board game by Starling Games, onto preorder.

The next installment of Everdell (see "'Everdell'") sends players on a seafaring adventure. They will sail to, explore, and build up the northern country of Everdell, which is a rugged island area teeming with riches. The new game adds four critters to the mix as well as new mechanics. This game also features artwork by Jacqui Davis.

The game box comes with a game board, a rulebook, a Lighthouse, 24 wooden Critters, 155 cards, 24 map tiles, 10 Island tiles, 8 Windrose tiles, 50+ Treasure tokens, 5 color markers, 50+ plastic shells, 12 metal Anchor tokens, 4 plastic ships, 25+ wooden Driftwood, 25+ plastic Seaweed, 25+ plastic Seastones, and 25+ plastic Mushrooms. This game is for one to four players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 40 to 90 minutes. It will retail for $100.00.