Japanime Games announced two new Granblue Fantasy Starter Sets, for Japanime Tactics skirmish wargame, which will release in September 2023.

This line is based on the Granblue Fantasy mobile game, which was published by Cygames in 2014 in Japan.  The mobile game is a roleplaying game with turn-based battles, much akin to early Final Fantasy games.  In the Japanime Tactics game, players assemble a team and battle an opponent's team on a modular board.  Players use cards to attack and defend, and they can trigger powerful abilities with specific cards.

The Gran Starter Set features Granblue Fantasy characters Gran, Lyria, Rackam, and Noa, and the Djeeta Starter Set comes with Djeeta, Kataline, Io, and Vira.  The game boxes includes a rulebook, 4 acrylic standees, 8 rubber bases, 33 players cards, 58 tokens, 2 victory point dials, a round tracker tile, a control zone tile, 4 map tiles, 4 3D trees, and 4 3D hills.  These games are for two to four players, ages 14 and up, and play 45 minutes.  They will retail for $39.95 each.

Japanime Games will release Heroes of Fairy Tail, a new card drafting game by Don't Panic Games, into retail (see "'Heroes of Fairy Tail' Heads to Retail").