Writer Jed MacKay and artist Allesandro Cappuccio will bring the current era of Moon Knight to a close in a three-part storyline, “The Last Days of Moon Knight,” which will run in Moon Knight #28-30.  Moon Knight #28 will be released on October 18, 2023, with a cover by Stephen Segovia.

Marvel Comics is announcing this as “the death of Moon Knight,” but as with Ms. Marvel (see “Ms. Marvel Comes Back to Life as a Mutant in New Miniseries”), the character is not going away; rather, the arc will wind up one long-running storyline and set the table for another.

"Almost all the pieces are now on the board,” MacKay said in a statement accompanying the announcement, “on one side, Moon Knight and his allies in the Midnight Mission, and on the other, the Black Spectre, his creatures, and his plan for New York.  We've been building towards this confrontation since #19, and starting with Moon Knight #28, Moon Knight and the Black Spectre go to war.”