Magma Comix, originally announced as an imprint of Heavy Metal, is relaunching as an independent publisher, with a plan to cater to comics retailers with a straightforward ordering system through multiple distributors, returnability, and a limited range of variant covers. Magma will focus on original fiction comics for adults.

The line was founded in 2020 by Denton J. Tipton, former IDW Managing Editor and Opus Comics Executive Editor, as a Heavy Metal imprint (see “Denton J. Tipton’s Magma Comix Imprint”) and launched with three titles, Chasing the Dragon, Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly, and The Modern Frankenstein. In late 2022, Heavy Metal closed its offices and furloughed its staff.

The launch team includes three IDW veterans: Editor in Chief Bobby Curnow, formerly the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Group Editor (see “ICv2 Interview: IDW Publishing’s Sarah Gaydos and Bobby Curnow”); Sales and Marketing Manager Joel Elad (see “IDW Hires Direct Market Sales Manager”); and Operations Manager Mike Ford.

“We are fortunate to have secured funding that will ensure Magma will maintain its creative freedom and independence, while providing capital and support necessary to establish long-term stability in an unpredictable industry,” Tipton said in a statement accompanying the announcement. “Magma will lower the barriers to entry by making our line easy to navigate and by reducing risk for our retail partners.” Tipton also pledged that the company will treat creators fairly, with contracts that include advance royalties and first-look deals with the company’s partners.