Ultra PRO revealed Magic: The Gathering: Commander Masters accessories, which will hit retail soon.

This product line features several SKUs all featuring artwork from the upcoming Magic: The Gathering: Commander Masters set (see "Commander Masters").  There are four different types of playmats available with this line: Table Playmats, regular Playmats, Stitched Playmats, and a Holofoil Playmat.  The Holofoil Playmat features the Jeweled Lotus logo art from the boosters highlighted by a holofoil material to make the playmat shine.

The 100+ Deck Boxes and the 100CT Deck Protector Sleeves feature the side profile art from the set.  There will also be Life Pads, Wall Scroll, and 12-Pocket Pro-Binder that has the Jeweled Lotus logo art.  The line will also feature a 4-Pocket Pro-Binder with the side profile artwork on from and back as well as a 9-Pocket Pro-Binder with The Ur-Dragon artwork.