The winners of the Pokemon 2023 Championship Series season have been crowned. 

Winners for the Pokemon Trading Card Game tournament in the Masters Division are Champion Vance Kelley and Runner-Up Tord Reklev.  In the Senior Division, the Champion is Gabriel Fernandez and the Runner-Up is Sydney de Bruijn.  In the Junior Devision, the Champion title went to Shao Tong Yen and the Runner-Up went to Gabriel Borges Torres.

In the Pokemon Video Game tournament, Masters Division, the Champion is Shohei Kimura and the Runner-Up is Michael Kelsh.  In the Senior Division, Tomoya Ogawa is the Champion and Robbie Schaaij is the Runner-Up.  In the Junior Division, Sora Ebisawa claimed the Champion title and Kohei Ukai is the Runner-Up.

The 2023 Champion in the Pokemon GO tournament is ItsAXN, with xXRubixMasterXx as Runner-Up.

Rounding out the competitions was the Pokemon UNITE team event, with Luminosity members Elo, Overlord, Kyriaos, Slash, and Rhinne named Champions and OMO Abyssinian members Luisss, Tempezt, Shua, Jrabsent, and Miva as Runners-Up.

Congratulations to the winners!

The Pokemon World Championships were held in Yokohama, Japan the weekend of August 11-13.  The event attracted more than 10,000 attendees over three days of competitions.

The 2024 Pokemon World Championships will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The Pokemon Company International has announced that it will be contributing $200,000 to support relief efforts for the communities impacted by the wildfires in Hawaii through its GlobalGiving partners and the Hawaii Wildfire Relief Fund.

The Pokemon Company International has announced the Charizard ex Premium Collection and a pair of Battle Decks for release in October (see “New ‘Pokemon TCG:  Charizard ex Premium Collection’ Incoming” and “Two New ‘Pokemon TCG:  ex Battle Decks’ Incoming”).