Diamond  Book Distributors inked a deal with LionWing Publishing to distribute LionWing's tabletop games into the comic book specialty market.

LionWing is a publisher that is known for translating Japanese tabletop roleplaying games into English for localized markets.  Their library of tabletop roleplaying games includes Picaresque Roman: A Requiem for Rogues, a Japanese narrative-driven roleplaying game where players assume the roles of villains in city plagued by crime, and Convictor Drive: Armored by Grief, a tokusatsu-inspired Japanese tabletop roleplaying game set in a future Yokohama.

“As an independent publisher, our impact has been significant yet limited," said Bradly Halestorm, Founder and President of LionWing Publishing.  "This partnership is a remarkable opportunity for us to bring the unique and exhilarating world of Japanese-designed tabletop roleplaying games to even more people, and by joining forces with Diamond, we can now, with certainty, ensure that happens."

Tony Lutkus, President of Diamond Book Distributors, also commented:

“Manga and role-playing games have established, dedicated, and energized fan bases.  LionWing unites these audiences perfectly with their standout, high-quality tabletop games that combine manga-style artwork, unique storylines, and solid, stand-alone game systems,” said Lutkus.  "Their localized, anime-themed are perfect for fans of manga, light novels, and role-playing games.  We’re thrilled to bring these engaging tabletop games to new audiences everywhere!”

Diamond Comic Distributors recently addressed competitive issues and announced the postponement of the 2024 Diamond Retailer Summit at the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con (see "Postpones Retailer Summit").