Bushiroad unleashed Chainsaw Man, a new booster set and Trial Deck for Weiss Schwarz TCG, which will hit stores in February 16, 2024.

This booster set allows players to build decks with the demon-hunting team, featuring fan-favorite characters like Denji, Power, Makima, and more. Cards in this set can be used with other cards with the card number beginning with [CSM/].  The set contains 100 types of cards plus 48 parallels, and every display box will come with 1 of 5 PR cards.  Each pack comes with 9 cards with 16 packs in a display.

The Trial Decks will have randomly inserted parallel cards, and every deck will have at least one foil card.  The randomly inserted cards will from a pool including 16 types of RRR cards with special embossing, 2 types of frameless OFR cards, and 2 types of SSP hot-stamped cards.  Trial Decks come with 50 cards per deck with 6 decks coming in a display.

Bushiroad also recently announced that the Flame of Laevateinn will be the third booster set for Bushiroad's Shadowverse: Evolve TCG (see "'Flame of Laevateinn'").