Ravensburger unveiled Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn, the second set for this TCG, as well as the Disney Lorcana: Disney100 Edition, a premium collection.

The next Disney Lorcana set explores the origins of floodborn, Disney characters who were transformed by a flood of magical ink.  This magical ink has damaged the Great Illuminary, causing general chaos and shuffling up characters' stories (Belle as a hunter, Pooh as a Hunny Wizard, The Queen as supreme ruler, etc.).  The set features over 200 new cards with brand-new artwork.  Characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Tiana make an appearance for the first time in game as well as cards featuring Disney movies like The Jungle Book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Great Mouse Detective, Pinocchio, Zootopia, and Raya and the Last Dragon.

The new set adds the Resist keyword to the game.  This keyword reduces damage dealt to a character by the rank of Resist the character has.  As an example, Resist + 2 would reduce any damage dealt to that character by 2.  The Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn product line will include two Starter Decks (Amber/Sapphire or Amethyst/Steel; MSRP $16.99), boosters (MSRP $5.99), a new Illumineer’s Trove (MSRP $49.99), a new playmat (MSRP $19.99), and various card sleeve designs (MSRP  $9.99).  The set will release at FLGS on November 17, 2023 and mass market December 1, 2023.

Ravensburger will also roll out Disney Lorcana: Disney100 Edition, which is a premium collection aimed at collectors.  The collection will contain six cards from Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter and Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn with alternate artwork drawn by Disney animators from Walt Disney Animation Studios.  Each of these cards will have an exclusive Disney100 frame design, a satin holographic foil finish, and a copy of the animator’s signature prominently displayed.  This set will also include four Rise of the Floodborn booster packs and will be available for the holidays on December 1, 2023 for $49.99.

Ravensburger recently announced a reprint of Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter (see "Reprint of 'Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter'").

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