Square Enix has announced the Hidden Hope expansion for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, which will release on March 22 following the launch of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Anniversary Collection Set 2024 on February 16.

Hidden Hope will introduce a new game mechanic called “Limit Break” that allows players to bring cards from outside their deck into play.  The set will also include three “Legacy Cards” with full art foil treatment:  Fat Chocobo, Chaos, and Sephiroth.  Sephiroth also appears on a “Special Card” that sports all-new artwork by Gen Kobayashi (Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII).  The full card set has 124 normal cards and 158 foil cards, including 32 full art cards, 1 Special Card, and 1 Crystal card.

The expansion will be available as booster packs sold in 36-pack displays.  Each display will also have a Kurasame promo card.

Click Gallery below for a sampling of card art from the set.

The Anniversary Collection Set 2024 offers players a curated set of 253 cards drawn mostly from previous sets as re-issue cards along with new PR cards.  Packaged in a card storage box, it features a 50-card pre-constructed deck with 41 re-issue and three each of three different new PR cards.  Also inside are 200 re-issued cards drawn from sets from Opus I to Resurgence of Power, including three premium full-art PR cards.

The set is intended to offer new players a gateway into the game, while still offering new features to appeal to existing players, such as the new PR cards and two copies each of 12 legendary cards, in both normal and full-art variants.  Rounding out the set is a quick-start guide and a reversible paper playmat.

Square Enix released the Dawn of Heroes booster set last month (see “New ‘Final Fantasy TCG’ Booster Set Announced”).