Van Ryder Games will release the Final Girl: Series 1 Franchise Box, with nine products from Final Girl Series 1, in Q4.  The products included, all in one giant box, are:

  • Final Girl Core Box
  • Final Girl: Happy Trails Horror
  • Final Girl: Haunting of Creech Manor
  • Final Girl: Slaughter in the Groves
  • Final Girl: Carnage at the Carnival
  • Final Girl: Frightmare on Maple Lane
  • Final Girl: S1 Game Mats
  • Final Girl: S1 Bonus Features Box
  • Final Girl: Cast and Crew box

MSRP for Final Girl: Series 1 Franchise Box is $179.99.

Final Girl has been doing well  in the wake of the Series 2 release earlier this year (see “Gen Con News: Van Ryder”); Series 3 is currently on Kickstarter (without a retailer tier).

Click Gallery below for box front and back!