Konami Digital Entertainment revealed Maze of Millennia, a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG booster set, for release into retail on January 19, 2024.

Maze of Millennia contains long-thought-lost cards that were in the TV series as well as popular tournament-level cards. Cards featured in this set include Eye of Illusion, Clorless, Chaos King of Dark World, and the brand-new Bonfire card, which is a Spell Card that adds any Level 4 or lower Pyro-Type Monster from a players deck to their hand. The set also has Number 1: Infection Buzz King, a Rank 8 Xyz Monster that lets a player manipulate their opponent’s Extra Deck and eliminate cards.

The set showcases 85 cards. The rarity breakdown is as follows: 11 ultra rares, 16 super rares, 57 rares, and a Quarter-Century Secret Rare. There will also be 16 cards available as Collector’s Rares. Each pack comes with a foil card and 6 rare cards, and will retail for $4.49 each.

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