The Hollywood news is rolling in heading into October, and it's time for a round-up.

Marvel Studios is preparing to take pitches for a new X-Men movie. According to sources at Deadline, Marvel will set writer meetings for later this fall to look for a scribe for the project.  This bit of news follows the announcement that Marvel Studios will now release X-Men '97, an animated series, in early 2024 onto Disney+ (see "Seven Disney+ Series, One Stays").

Recently, James Gunn took to Instagram Threads to clarify which actors will remain in their DCU roles as he reshapes the DC film landscape, alongside Peter Safran (see "'No Gorilla Limits'").  Gunn declared that Xolo Mariduena will continue to play the Blue Beetle, Viola Davis will continue to portray Amanda Waller, and John Cena will be Peacemaker (see "'Peacemaker' Soars into S2").

SAG-AFTRA members have voted to authorize a strike against ten video game companies if there is insufficient progress on the new Interactive Media Agreement, which covers terms for members' work on video games.  Members that voted (27.47% of the eligible voters) approved the strike with 98.32% voting in favor of the motion.  This does not necessarily mean a video game strike will happen, but negotiators fo the union now have additional leverage in talks with the video game companies.  The actors strike against movie and TV producers is ongoing (see "The Nanny Leads SAG-AFTRA Strike").

The Writer's Guild of America has come to a tentative agreement with AMPTP (representing studios and streamers), and has voted to end the writer's strike after nearly five months (see "Writers, Studios Talk").  The tentative deal is worth over $233 million a year, nearly triple the AMPTP's first offer, including an increase in minimum wages for the writers over the course of the contract, according to Vanity Fair

Netflix released a first look trailer for Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft (see below).  This animated series, about the rise of Lara Croft as a treasure hunter, is currently in development, and will be coming soon to Netflix.  Amazon Studios was also recently reported as pursuing a new Tomb Raider project (see "Amazon Pursues 'Tomb Raider'").

Legendary unleashed a new teaser trailer for The Toxic Avenger (see below).  This film stars Peter Dinklage, Johnny Coyne, Sarah Niles, Jacob Tremblay, Taylor Paige, Elijah Wood, Julia Davis, and Kevin Bacon (see "'Toxic Avenger Casting").  

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