Free League Publishing revealed The Dunwich Horror, a new illustrated hardcover book, which will release into retail on October 26, 2023.

The classic horror tale The Dunwich Horror by H. P.Lovecraft is set to receive a similar art treatment to At The Mountains of Madness (see “‘At The Mountains of Madness’”) from movie and videogame concept artist Francois Baranger.  This iconic story, first published in Weird Tales in 1929, is the quintessential Lovecraftian tale of the use of witchcraft and dark rituals to summon the Old Ones in a remote, unassuming Massachusetts village.  It will come in an approximately 10.31" by 13.78" folio format (converted from mm), and feature lavish full-color spreads of artwork on the interior pages.

It will retail for $25.33 (converted from KR).

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