Marvel announced three Ultimate Universe titles as the first books in the line, spinning out of November’s Ultimate Universe #1 (see “Preview: Ultimate Universe #1”). “Ultimate” has been Marvel’s branding for new takes on classic characters, intended to create new starting points for readers.

Ultimate Spider-Man, written by Jonathan Hickman, art and cover by Marco Checchetto, launches January 10, 2024. As the first book in the new Ultimate line, it echoes the original Marvel Ultimate Universe, which launched in 2000 with a new take on Spider-Man written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Ultimate Black Panther, written by Bryan Hill, art and cover byStefano Caselli, launches February 7, 2024 and pits the hero of Wakanda against a version of Moon Knight. Hill stated his influences not only included the history of Black Panther comics, but also the movies and Dune-style world-building.

Ultimate X-Men, written by and art and cover by Peach Momoko, launches March 6, 2024. She is creating a new Japanese mutant while reintroducing other familiar X-Men in a story influenced by magic and folklore.

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