Skybound Tabletop unleashed Invincible: Escape From Mars, a new board game, which will hit retail in February 2024.

In this game, based on the hit Amazon series (see "'Invincible' S2"), players assume the roles of the Guardians of the Globe or astronauts who are trying to escape Mars without bringing home a Sequid parasite, which could potentially destroy the world. As a group, players will have to tackle various obstacles and will experience personal setbacks if they contribute to the toppling of those obstacles by playing cards to use their special abilities. Loyalties may change from round to round as players become infected and are cured of the Sequid threat.

The astronauts or heroes win if they achieve three victories and the Sequids achieve three victories. If neither team gets three victories before round seven, the players launch the rocket and have a chance to vote off infected players at the end of the game. This game was designed by Whitney Loraine, Joshua Camden, and Patrick Logan.

The game box contains 4 Challenge boards, a round tracker, 11 Challenge cards, 10 player markers, 10 Character cards, 21 tokens, a rulebook, 90 Resource cards, 7 Sequid cards, and a Martian card. It is for four to ten players, ages 11 and up, and plays in 20 to 45 minutes. Invincible: Escape From Mars will retail for $24.99.

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