Wizards of the Coast announced that Magic: The Gathering will team up with Marvel Comics for a new collaboration. The first "tentpole Magic set" in the deal will be released in 2025, with additonal sets planned under the multi-year, multi-set deal.

It's finally happened.  WotC has been continuing to push the boundaries of Universes Beyond over the last few years, recently adding IPs like Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed, and Fallout (see "'Fallout' Set").  Then, this morning, WotC finally announced they've landed another big IP (perhaps the biggest) for Magic: The Gathering - Marvel.  The new Magic collaboration will include superheroes and villains from the Marvel brand.

This is not the first time WotC has ventured into Marvel territory with Magic: The Gathering.  Secret Lair sets have featured the work of Marvel rising stars (see "'Secret Lair: Black is Magic'") as well as Marvel and DC mainstay artists like Jen Bartel and Fiona Staples (see "New 'Secret Lair Superdrop' Set").  Also, Hasbro, WotC's parent company, has had the Marvel license for toys for quite some time (see "Marvel Inks Five-Year Pact With Hasbro") and it seems like a Marvel Universes Beyond product for Magic: The Gathering would make sense as almost intuitive expansion of that relationship.