Asmodee USA has signed Southern Hobby Disribution as a sub-distributor for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Unlimited TCG, bypassing ACD Distribution, its sub-distributor for all other products, the company announced.  ACD has been Asmodee’s only hobby channel sub-distributor (except for a time when Asmodee was distributing My Hero Academia TCG to a number of other distributors in addition to ACD) since 2020 (see “Asmodee Making Massive Shift”).

"This ensures a seamless distribution and broad availability of this exciting new game across the United States," an Asmodee spokesperson said of the move.

The decision by Asmodee follows a similar move by another board game company entering the TCG business: Ravensburger, for which ACD Distribution is a significant distributor, chose to award distribution rights to its Disney Lorcana TCG to Southern Hobby, Alliance Game Distributors, and Peachstate Hobby Distribution.

Star Wars Unlimited TCG (see "'Star Wars Unlimited' Produce Line Deets") will launch in the U.S. and Canada on March 8, 2024.