Ravensburger has revealed some of its plans for upcoming shipments of boosters and starters for Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter as well as the launch of organized play programs scheduled to begin in Q2 2024.  A change to convention promos was also announced.

The company announced that the October restock of booster packs will begin shipping next week, followed by The First Chapter booster and starter reprint expected to hit North American in mid-November.  Last month, it was announced that the size of the reprint had been increased to help fill demand (see “Ravensburger Bumps Up ‘Disney Lorcana:  The First Chapter’ Reprint”).

Ravensburger is planning to begin organized play for the game in the second quarter next year.  The program will include both “official fan events” and a competitive circuit.  The fan events are intended to be more social than competitive, hoping to attract fans who are enthusiastic about the game without the focus on playing tournaments.  Competitive events will be focused on game play.  Details will be finalized moving into the new year.

In addition, convention promos will no longer feature the logo of the convention where the promo was made available, instead using a special promo icon in the rarity space on the card.  Promo cards will also have a distinctive foil pattern, different from those found in booster packs.  Convention promos will be produced in sets of three, and which part of each set will be available at each convention will be announced.

Ravensburger recently announced plans to offer Disney Lorcana in ten additional countries as well as a future Italian-language version (see “‘Disney Lorcana’ Expands to 10 More Countries”).