Ultra PRO will release Mana 8, a new line of accessories for Magic: The Gathering, into retail in Q2 2024.

The new line of accessories includes deck boxes, sleeves, binders, and playmats.  These accessories feature the different mana symbols from Magic as well as one design with a Lotus icon.  The deck boxes come in two types: Deck Box 100+ and Alcove Flip Deck Boxes.  The Deck Box 100+ model has a standard design and can hold 100 double-sleeved cards, and the Alcove Flip has a full-color leatherette finish, magnetic closure, and dual thumb notches.  The APEX Deck Protector sleeves come in 105-count boxes and fit standard-sized cards.

The binders come in 9 and 12-pocket versions, and they also have full-color covers and an elastic strap.  The playmats in this line have a soft fabric top and a non-slip rubber backing.  They measure 24" by 13.5" and can be used as an oversized mouse pad as well.

Ultra Pro has also announced the Shimmering Skyline Gallery Series Accessories for use with Pokemon (see "'Pokemon Shimmering Skyline' Accessories").

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