Wizards of the Coast revealed their Holiday Promo Card for 2023, for Magic: The Gathering, which will head out to retail stores soon.

The tradition of the WotC holiday promo card, given away to their stores, employees, partners, and friends, continues for yet another year (see "Holiday Card Promo").  This year, the promo card has a bit of a holiday-themed movie twist to it.  The card reads as follows:

Seasonal Sequels
Casting Cost: XUUU
Pitch the titles of up to X holiday-themed sequels to target spell.  Copy that spell for each title pitched, except the copy has that name.  You may choose new targets for the copies. (Simply adding numbers isn't festive enough.)

"NOW SHOWING: Sword of Hearth and Home Alone, Eight Crazy Knights' Charge, Holiday Incinerate, and Phyrexian Gremlins."

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