Wizards of the Coast announced Secretversary Superdrop 2023, a new wave of Secret Lair sets for Magic: The Gathering, for preorder from November 20, 2023, to December 26, 2023.

Magic: The Gathering has just given a new meaning to "oil-slicked card treatment" (see "'Phyrexia: All Will Be One'") with a beefcake Ian, Convalescent Charmer card. This new Commander can be found in Secret Lair X Jurassic World: Dr. Ian Malcolm as part of the Secretversary Superdrop 2023. Other highlights of this release include the previously announced Secret Lair x Tomb Raider and the showcase set for The Lost Caverns of Ixalan.

The following sets will be offered in this latest drop:

  • Secret Lair X Jurassic World: Dr. Ian Malcolm ($29.99; Rainbow Foil $39.99): This drop set includes the beefcake Dr. Ian Malcolm cards. The cards included are a Laboratory Maniac as "Chaotic Chaotician"; a Tasha's Hideous Laughter as "Malcolm's Mercurial Mirth"; a Tasigur, the Golden Fang as "Ian, Convalescent Charmer"; an Atla Palani, Nest Tender as "Dr. Ian Malcolm"; and an Egg token.
  • Secret Lair x Jurassic World: Life Breaks Free ($29.99; Rainbow Foil $39.99): The Jurassic Park-themed drop comes with an Etali, Primal Storm as "Tyrannosaurus Rex"; a Rampaging Ferocidon as "Velociraptor"; a Polyraptor as "Indominus Rex"; a Wayward Swordtooth as "Triceratops"; and a Regisaur Alpha as "Spinosaurus."
  • Secret Lair x Tomb Raider ($29.99; foil $39.99): This set was previously announced (see "'Tomb Raider' Crossover").
  • Showcase: The Lost Caverns of Ixalan ($29.99; Rainbow Foil $39.99): This set contains a Captain Lannery Storm; an Admiral Beckett Brass; an Elenda, the Dusk Rose; a Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca; and a Vona, Butcher of Magan.
  • Mycosynthwave ($29.99; Rainbow Foil $39.99): It is a stylized art set containing a Mycosynth Golem; a Mycosynth Lattice; and a Mycosynth Wellspring.
  • Gift Wrapped ($29.99; Rainbow Foil $39.99): This is a holiday wrapping paper art set that comes with a Giver of Runes; a Distant Melody; a Cathartic Reunion; a Moment's Peace; and a Homeward Path.
  • Paradise Frost ($29.99; Rainbow Foil $39.99): The set features wintery landscapes by ELK64. It contains a Snow-Covered Plains, a Snow-Covered Island, a Snow-Covered Swamp, a Snow-Covered Mountain, and a Snow-Covered Forest.
  • Tales of the Time Stoppers ($29.99; Rainbow Foil $39.99): This set includes a Beacon of Tomorrows, a Nexus of Fate, a Time Reversal, and a Time Stop.  
  • Through the Wormhole ($29.99; Galaxy Foil $39.99): It is a Galaxy Foil drop set that includes an Arcane Signet, a Lightning Greaves, a Sol Ring, a Thought Vessel, and a Command Tower

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