Wizards of the Coast revealed some changes for Magic: The Gathering prereleases, starting with Murders at Karlov Manor.  

As announced earlier, Play Boosters will be replacing Set and Draft Boosters in 2024 (see "'Magic: The Gathering' Product SKUs"), which changes the dynamic of prereleases slightly. The obvious changes are that Set Boosters will be replaced by Play Boosters in the Prelease Packs and instead of receiving Set Boosters for prizing, stores will receive Play Boosters for prizing. Also, Play Booster boxes contain 36 packs, whereas Set Booster boxes had only 30 packs, which changes prizing.

Allocations will be determined by the largest prerelease event held in a retailer's store over the course of the last two to three sets. WotC rounds the Tickets recorded for the largest event to the nearest box of 15 (for Prerelease Packs) and 36 packs (for Play Booster prize support) for prerelease allocations. WotC indicated that their method of determining allocations may create a slight discrepancy between the number of players Prerelease Packs can support versus the prizing the Play Boosters can support. WotC has guaranteed that WPN stores will receive at least one Play Booster box as prize support.     

Wizards of the Coast also unveiled the MagicCon Schedule for 2024 (see "MagicCon Schedule 2024 Unveiled").