Wizards of the Coast unveiled the MagicCon Schedule for 2024, which reveals the dates and locations of Magic: The Gathering's Pro Tour events.

Three stops on the MagicCon Pro Tour were announced, thus far. The first stop will be in Chicago, IL for MagicCon: Chicago, which features Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor, on February 23-25, 2024. The second will be Pro Tour: Amsterdam on June 28-30, 2024 for Pro Tour Modern Horizons III. Like this year (see "Schedule for 2023"), the last stop will be back to Las Vegas, NV for MagicCon: Las Vegas on October 24-27, 2024. MagicCon: Las Vegas will hold the Magic World Championship 30, which will be Standard Constructed format and a Duskmourn: House of Horror draft.   

There is a fourth stop on the Pro Tour for 2024 that doesn't have an official date or location yet. Pro Tour Thunder Junction will be a standalone event that will happen sometime in Q2 2024. It will be a Standard Constructed event and an Outlaws of Thunder Junction draft event (see " 2024 'Magic: The Gathering' Releases").