Ares Games will release Stalingrad Roads: Battle on the Edge of the Abyss, a classic wargame from Nuts! Publishing, into retail in January 2024.

Stalingrad Roads simulates the 1942-43 winter campaign on the Soviet South Front in WWII. Players take command of either Soviet Union or German troops and battle their way to victory through major and minor offensives. The game uses a classically inspired wargame engine that has no control zones, which enhances the fluidity of gameplay. Stalingrad Roads features a campaign and four scenarios: Edge of the Abyss, Wintergewitter, Operation Uranus, Manstein's Backhand Blow, Star, and Gallop.

This game is for two players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 60 minutes.

Ares Games will also release Kings of the Middle-earth, the third expansion for War of the Ring 2E board game (see "Kings of the Middle-earth").