Steamforged Games revealed The Sunless City, a new Dark Souls: The Board Game core set, which is currently on preorder.

Six years after the initial Dark Souls: The Board Game release (see " 'Dark Souls: The Board Game'"), Steamforged offers up a new core set with a refreshed rules set. The rules in this core set have been tweaked based on community feedback, and features a new encounter system. The Sunless City offers players a journey of survival via a new campaign set in Lordran. This set also focuses on content from the first Dark Souls video game as opposed to having players face various bosses from locations throughout the Dark Souls universe.   

The game box comes with 15 miniatures, 4 double-sided game tiles, 3 character boards, 200+ tokens, 190+ cards, 15 bespoke dice, 2 health dials, a campaign dashboard, and the rulebook. This game is for one to three players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 120-150 minutes. It will retail for $109.99.