Renegade Game Studios will release Cobra Ascendant, a new G.I. JOE Mission Critical expansion, which will hit retail in April 2024.

The new expansion introduces Serpentor, as a boss character, to the game. Serpentor also comes with the evil twins Tomax and Xamot as his lieutenants. To even up the fight, Joes also get two new Heroes,  Bazooka and Rock ‘n Roll, as well as a host of new vehicles.

The game box comes with 20 Hero Combat cards, 16 Lieutenant Combat cards, 1 Lieutenant Deployment card, 8 Boss Combat cards, a Boss Deployment card, 2 Hero cards, 2 Vehicle cards, 2 Hero miniatures, 2 Lieutenant miniatures, a Boss miniature, and a rulesheet. This expansion supports two to five players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 45-60 minutes. It will retail for $45.00.

Renegade Game Studios also launched two G.I. JOE Mission Critical expansions in August 2023 (see "'G.I. JOE Mission Critical' Expansions").