Ravensburger will launch Into the Inklands, the third set for Disney Lorcana TCG, in February.  The new set will introduce location cards, a new card type that features popular Disney story settings, including Motonui from Moana and the Jolly Roger from Peter Pan.  Some locations give bonuses when characters visit them and others provide benefits just by being in play.

Disney Lorcana TCG: Into the Inklands will include 200 new cards and be sold in a product line including:

  • Two Starter Decks, with combinations of Amber/Emerald or Sapphire/Ruby Cards, @ $16.99
  • Booster Packs @ $5.99
  • Illumineers Trove @ $49.99
  • Gift Set @ $29.99
  • Card Sleeves @ $9.99
  • Deck Boxes @ $5.99
  • Card Portfolios @ $19.99
  • Playmats @ $19.99

In Into the Inklands, following the storyline from The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn, players are tasked with finding the lore and returning it to the Hall of Lorcana as an ominous shadow storm gathers at the edges of Lorcana.

Additional narrative will be introduced across cards using quotes and flavor text.

The set will introduce an eclectic mix of new characters, including Pluto, Perdita (101 Dalmations), Scrooge McDuck, Kit Cloudkicker (TaleSpin), and Jim Hawkins and the RLS Legacy crew from Treasure Planet.

Disney Lorcana TCG: Into the Inklands will be released to the hobby channel on February 23, 2024, and in mass on March 8.

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