Square Enix announced Hidden Trials, a new Final Fantasy TCG booster set, which will hit stores on August 2, 2024.

Hidden Trials includes cards that enhance the Limit Break mechanic, allowing players to update their decks to the next level. The set also features a very rare Special Card [23-037R] that has an original illustration of Final Fantasy XIII Lightning by Miki Yamashita. It also contains three Legacy cards: Lightning [15-041L], Rydia [15-083L], and Refia [19-102L], and display boxes come with a buy-a-box promo.

The set has a total of 130 normal cards and 162 premium foil cards, which include 30 full art cards, a special card, and a crystal card. Display boxes come with 36 packs.

Square Enix also announced the Hidden Hope expansion and Anniversary Collection Set 2024 for the Final Fantasy TCG (see "'Hidden Hope'").

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