Paizo, Inc. revealed more details about the upcoming Howl of the Wild rulebook, for Pathfinder RPG 2E, which will hit preorder in May 2024.

The brand-new 224-page rulebook was first mentioned back in July 2023 with sparse details (see "Paizo Moves Multiple RPG Book Releases"). Howl of the Wild offers up new information on the denizens of the deep wilderness. This book contains new ancestries, character options, animal companions, and foes that can be used by both players and Game Masters.

For players, the six new ancestries in the book feature various archetypes of the wild: minotaurs, centaurs, merfolk, athamarus, insects, and other awakened animals. The book also has new options for shapeshifting druids to playable were-creatures and new gear that can be forged from the scales and fangs of magical beasts. Howl of the Wild also includes a bestiary that covers animals like dinosaurs and sharks.

It will retail for $64.99.