in a blog post by Paizo President Jim Butler, the company revealed that some of their 2023 RPG book releases are moving to 2024 to make room in the schedule for Pathfinder 2E Remaster Core and GM books, which hit stores in November 2023 (see "'Pathfinder 2E Remaster' Project"). 

The Pathfinder products pushed back into 2024 are as follows:  Abomination Vaults 5E (see "Abomination Vaults 5E'"), the Lost Omens: Tian Xia Character Guide (see "Two 'Pathfinder Lost Omens' Books"), and Howl of the Wild rulebook.

The massive launch of these books has also pushed back some Starfinder releases: Starfinder RPG: Scoured Stars (see "Paizo Unveils 'Starfinder: Scoured Stars Adventure Path'") and the Mechageddon! Adventure Paths will now release in 2024. 

In addition to the changes in release schedule, Butler also laid out several other company developments.  

Paizo has completed negotiations for the game industry's first ever collective bargaining agreement with United Paizo Workers, the new union that the company voluntarily recognized nearly two years ago (see "Paizo Voluntarily Recognizes"). "We worked together for more than a year and found compromises to create an agreement that I believe works for both the company and its employees," Butler said of the contract.  

Butler has also reorganized the management structure of the company, merging customer service and sales teams, organized play into the marketing team, and all of marketing under the sales and operations teams.  Changes were also made to the structure of the creative teams, which have added the ability to create non-RPG games.

Paizo is going permanently remote for non-warehouse positions, and is closing their Redmond, Washington offices and moving their warehouse to nearboy Woodinville.

Butler also mentioned that there will be a change coming to their Compatibility License and Community Use Policy, which will be announced soon.