Marvel Comics has announced that it will release both regular and “Red Band Editions” of the main five issue miniseries anchoring its Blood Hunt vampire crossover event, the company announced.  The Red Band Editions of the Blood Hunt issues will include additional pages and more graphic content than the regular editions, and will be polybagged and labeled with a Parental Advisory.  This is the first time a Marvel comic has been produced in both regular and mature readers versions, which Marvel says is “…fitting for this blood-soaked saga where vampires will viciously sink their teeth into your favorite heroes.”

Of the additional, more graphic pages, artist Pepe Larraz said, “They allow me to convey the dark, violent, bloody tone of this particular story, and flex new muscles that I don't usually get to use in a super hero comic.”

Marvel’s Blood Hunt event, which launches with the first issue of the miniseries on May 1, 2024, will also include tie-in issues and spinoff miniseries (see “Vampires invade the Marvel Universe”).