Dire Wolf Digital will release Invincible: The Hero Building Game, a cooperative bag-building game, into retail in April 2024.

This game, based on Robert Kirkman's comics and the adapted Amazon Prime series (see "'Invincible' S2"), lets players assume the roles of Atom Eve, Rex Splode, Robot, and Invincible as they attempt to save the planet. The game features a mesh of bag-building and tableau-building mechanisms as players try to tune their hero's abilities to meet the threats they will face head on. It has a freeform combat system, which allows players to engage enemies early and often as the heroes battle their way through seven episodes.

The game is for one to four players, ages 14 and up, and retails for $55.

Skybound Tabletop is also releasing an Invincible game in February 2024 (see "'Invincible' Game").