Bandai revealed One Piece TCG: Two Legends, a new booster set, which will release on September 13, 2024.

The new booster set features Dr. Kureha and Dr. Hiriluk from the Drum Kingdom Arc as well as Carrot and Wanda from the Zou Arc. It also changes up the pirate crews' card color schemes a little with blue Whitebeard Pirates, purple Big Mom Pirates, and black Animal Kingdom Pirates. There will also be a red-black Tony Tony, Chopper, and red-blue Marco. Some characters also become Leader cards, like the new purple-black King. One Piece TCG: Two Legends will also strengthen a variety of deck strategies and open up new ones.

Bandai will also release 500 Years in the Future [OP-07], another new booster set (see "'500 Years in the Future'").