Bushiroad will release Omens Eternal, the fifth Shadowverse TCG set, into retail on June 21, 2024.

The next Shadowverse set will feature cards for the following classes: Forestcraft, Swordcraft, Runecraft, Dragoncraft, Abysscraft, Havencraft, and Neutral. It will contain 117 cards plus special foils, and each pack will contain a Gold card or better. The rarity scheme breaks down as follows: 40 Bronze cards, 28 Silver cards, 28 Gold cards, and 21 Legendary cards. Packs will have 8 cards each, and boxes come with 16 packs.

Preorders for this product end February 15, 2024.

Bushiroad also announced preorder for RWBY Volume 4 Premium Booster set, for Weiss Schwarz TCG (see "'RWBY Vol. 4 Premium Booster'").