Studio Hermitage announced Our Brilliant Ruin, a new transmedia IP, which will launch on Kickstarter with a debut TTRPG project on February 27, 2024.

Our Brilliant Ruin is a new horror drama IP brought to market by Studio Hermitage, an Embracer Group studio that is headed up by industry veterans CEO Paxton Galvanek, Art Director Andy Foltz, and CCO Justin Achilli (see "'World of Darkness'").  The IP kicks off with a TTRPG that tells the story of Dramark. The tale features an elitist society that comes up against a catastrophe that unleashes its living victims as contorted horrors upon humanity.  Players assume the roles of a character from one of three factions within the society as tell their story in the class-based Dramark society.

The mechanics for the TTRPG offer players an original dice-based engine that utilizes a character's emotions and motivations to influence die rolls.  It revolves around pools of D6 dice, and rolls are based on personality traits and skills.  There is also a Portfolios mechanic that allows players to use their social leverage gain advantages in certain situations, and a Passions mechanic that boosts die rolls, if a player is will to push their luck.

Beyond the initial TTRPG, Studio Hermitage will also bring Our Brilliant Ruin to other media formats.  They have slated this IP to as spawn graphic novels, audio dramas, and video games.

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