WizKids will release Masters of Time, a new DC HeroClix set, which will hit retail in July 2024 (corrected from March 14, 2024, which is the Orders Due date for retailers; apologies).

The next DC HeroClix set showcases time travel story arcs via new Clix miniatures.  One of the more interesting aspects of the set is that it features some of the Jurassic League characters as miniatures (see "'Jurassic League'").  It has Jurassic Boosters, which are oversized boosters that contain some of the larger characters from Jurassic League.  This set includes 16 common figures, 15 uncommon figures, 12 rare figures (and 3 rare Primes), 13 super rare figures (and 2 Super Rare Primes), 7 chase figures, an ultra-chase figure, 10 colossal-sized Jurassic figures (exclusively in Jurassic Boosters), 9 Legacy cards as brick toppers, and 10 Team-Up cards (exclusively in Jurassic Boosters).

Masters of Time comes in a Booster Brick configuration that consists of 8 standard 5-figure HeroClix boosters and one oversized Jurassic Booster.  Every Jurassic Booster has 3 figures, including a Colossal figure.  Booster Bricks will retail for $190.92.

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