Glass Cannon Unplugged announced Dying Light: The Board Game, based on the popular survival horror video game by Techland, which will hit Kickstarter on February 27, 2024.

The Dying Light video game series was developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in 2015.  In the video game, players are dumped off in a Middle Eastern city that has been under quarantine to investigate and find themselves overrun by zombies.  The game features parkour mechanics that allow players to rapidly move across rooftops in the urban environment as well as adjusted zombie aggressiveness for day versus night time modes.

The new board game, designed by Przemysław Zub and Bartosz Tomala, attempts to capture the parkour and combat mechanics of the video game and transfer them to tabletop play. Dying Light: The Board Game is a cooperative narrative board game where players take on the roles of Runners that traverse the city of Villedor on a modular board, which allows players to assemble 3D structures to travel over.  The gameplay functions on an Action Dice system that allow players to run, jump, and fight.  The game also includes a shifts in challenges with day and night modes, like the video game, and comes with stickers for buildings that have content that is only seen in UV light.

The Standard Edition of this game comes with 76 standees, a double-sided board, and more.  The Deluxe Version offers up 76 high-quality plastic miniatures: 4 Runners, 8 Bandits, 60 Infected, and 4 Large Infected Bosses.  It is for one to four players, and there is no word on a retail release as of the publication of this article.

Glass Cannon Unplugged are also the makers of Frost Punk: the Board Game (see "'Frost Punk: The Board Game'").