Hasbro has teamed up with veteran designers Eric Lang (Blood Rage, Rising Sun) and Ken Gruhl (Cahoots, Mystic Market) for a new Euro-style board game entitled Life in Reterra, set to release on World Earth Day, April 22 2024.

Set in a future world in which human civilization as we know it has been forgotten, Life in Reterra is a light strategy game about re-building the world using the relics of the past.  The game uses a tile placement mechanic, with players selecting and playing land tiles to expand and improve their individual communities.  Some tiles allow players to also place inhabitants or buildings, which in turn grant player abilities for future turns and opportunities to score points.  The game continues until all players complete their four-by-four tile community, earning points for creating blocks of matching terrain, surrounding energy sources, their inhabitants, buildings, and relics.

Life in Reterra comes with 104 terrain tiles, 15 double-sided building cards, 93 building tiles, 30 relic tokens, 32 wooden inhabitant tokens, a setup board, a score pad, and 5 storage boxes.  The game is intended for 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up, and plays in a little more than half an hour.

Hasbro explored the Euro market around the turn of the century, including the Reiner Knizia classics Rheinlander (1999), The Lord of the Rings (2000), and Traumfabrik (2000), which was recently relaunched by Trick or Treat Studios under the title Nightmare Productions (see “Monster Movie Games from Trick or Treat Studios”).

The fourth quarter was a rough one for Hasbro, despite a bright spot in the tabletop game market through Wizards of the Coast and its Digital Gaming segment (see “Hasbro Loses $1.06 Billion in Q4”).